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Legal Problems Accumulate for Trump

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that her office was filing suit against former President Trump and three of his adult children. James alleges that the former president and his family engaged in “persistent and repeated business fraud” for a period of twenty years that led to windfall profits.

James is seeking $250 million in damages and a prohibition that would prevent any of the Trumps from leading a business in the state of New York. It remained to be seen if criminal charges might follow the civil case.

Which former Trump advisor did James credit at the press conference?

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News Analysis:

6 takeaways from the New York AG’s $250 million lawsuit against Trump

Washington Post



Trump, adult children sued by New York attorney general for fraud




Trump lashes out on social media after NY AG James files lawsuit on fraud claims




Breaking Down New York’s Long-Awaited Fraud Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

New Yorker



News Articles (Analysis):

Appeals court rules DOJ can regain access to sensitive documents seized in Trump search

CBS News



DOJ can continue Trump classified docs investigation without special master: Appeals court

ABC News



Trump’s legal woes mount without protection of presidency

Associated Press



Trump’s legal troubles are mounting. And his support is consolidating.





Writing: Explain why attorneys general face additional scrutiny when pursuing charges against a former president. Why have some critics alleged that DeSantis might have potentially broken laws?

Debate: Should presidents have to answer to civil cases or face criminal charges while in office?

Poll: Will former President Trump’s legal problems affect his potential run in 2024?

Short Answer: How has former President Trump responded to his accumulating legal problems?


How did former President Trump respond to the allegations made about his company in a recent deposition in New York?

  1. Trump stated that he took responsibility for all paperwork errors made by the Trump Organization
  2. Trump repeatedly invoked the Fifth Amendments
  3. Trump stated that he did not recall any of the allegations
  4. Trump repeatedly blamed his accountants for bad advice

Why did many observers interpret the Eleventh Circuit’s decision as a rebuke of Judge Aileen Cannon and the former president?

  1. it was a unanimous decision from a panel that included two Trump appointees
  2. the circuit court recommended impeachment of Judge Cannon
  3. the circuit court recommended cancellation of the special master
  4. the circuit court assessed a $250 million fine against Judge Cannon and the former president

What did Fulton County District Attorney Willis seem to predict about some of the seventeen people under investigation in Georgia for alleged election interference?

  1. that they would pay a significant fine
  2. that they would be set free due to lack of evidence
  3. that they have all received plea deals
  4. that some might be incarcerated for their actions

Former President Trump has accused AG James of being racist and politically motivated. (T/F)

Former President Trump can pardon everyone under criminal investigation in Georgia for election interference if he is reelected in 2024. (T/F)

President Biden has signaled a desire to pardon former President Trump as Gerald Ford did with Richard Nixon in 1974. (T/F)

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