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Republican Governors Remove Migrants by Controversial Means

Governor DeSantis became the latest Republican governor to remove migrants by controversial means. DeSantis is following the lead of Governors Abbott from Texas and Ducey from Arizona who have been busing migrants from their respective states to Democratic cities such as Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C.

DeSantis potentially raised the stakes by flying migrants from a location in Texas to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. The Florida governor said the move was necessary to keep the migrants out of the Sunshine state.

How did DeSantis pay for the flight to Martha’s Vineyard?

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News Articles:

DeSantis, Abbott strand migrants in Martha’s Vineyard and VP’s residence

CBS News


What’s next for the migrants Govs. DeSantis and Abbott sent to Martha’s Vineyard and Kamala Harris’ doorstep

Business Insider


DeSantis: ‘Trying to profile’ Florida-bound migrants in Texas in relocation program

Miami Herald


Scrutiny mounts over DeSantis’s use of state funds for migrant flights

Washington Post


News Articles (Analyses):

Fight over border security escalates after governors send migrants to Kamala Harris’ home and Martha’s Vineyard

Texas Tribune


Immigration policy debate heats up after Republican governors ship migrants out-of-state

7 News Boston


Arizona has bused nearly 2,000 migrants from the border

KPHO Phoenix


Biden accuses Abbott, DeSantis of using migrants as human ‘props’ by shipping them to NYC, liberal enclaves

New York Daily News



Writing: Explain why Governor DeSantis created such controversy when it appears that he was following the example of Governors Abbott and Ducey. Why have some critics alleged that DeSantis might have potentially broken laws?

Debate: Should the United States do more to process asylum cases expeditiously or seek to revise asylum laws to make them more restrictive?

Poll: Will either Governor Abbott or Governor DeSantis pay a political price for the methods they have used to remove migrants?

Short Answer: Why have migrants been sent to these specific Democratic cities?


How did the Martha’s Vineyard community respond when 50 Venezuelan migrants were sent to their city?

  1. the migrants were sent back to Texas
  2. the migrants were sent back to Venezuela
  3. the migrants were cared for by community members and moved by the governor to housing at Cape Cod
  4. the community was prepared because of close coordination with Governor DeSantis

Why do critics of Governors Abbott and DeSantis’ methods also question the timing?

  1. both governors are running for reelection and are locked in competitive races
  2. they both previously agreed to stay out of immigration matters
  3. the migrants are being sent to cities with severe fall weather
  4. both governors are term limited and finishing the remaining months of their terms

Who is financing the cost of the bus rides to Democratic cities and the plane trip to Martha’s Vineyard?

  1. wealthy donors
  2. private donations
  3. the gubernatorial campaigns
  4. state taxpayers

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican, helped provide accommodations for the Venezuelan migrants who were sent to Martha’s Vineyard. (T/F)

The governors of California and New Mexico have also bused migrants to Democratic cities. (T/F)

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is running for reelection in November. (T/F)

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