About CQ Press

Our Mission

Connection. Our commitment to strong collaborative relationships with instructors, students, researchers, authors, and librarians enables CQ Press to support the dynamic content and digital needs across the discipline of political science.

Quality. In partnership with our renowned authors and editors, we are dedicated to producing trusted content complemented by original video and meaningful solutions. We are committed to building on our legacy of quality and innovating for the future.

Purpose. We strive to ignite learning by understanding and responding to the evolving needs of the political science community. Teaching political science is a noble endeavor. Learning is a journey. CQ Press is here to help.

Who We Are

CQ Press, an imprint of SAGE, is a leading publisher of books, reference content, periodicals, and digital products on American government, public policy, and international affairs. Known for its objectivity and breadth and depth of coverage, CQ Press consistently ranks among the top academic and professional publishers for its high-quality content and scholarship. CQ Press was founded with the mission of promoting democracy through education and joined the SAGE family in 2008. www.cqpress.com

At the forefront of research and reporting in the fields of political science, international relations, public policy, mass communication, and journalism, SAGE | CQ Press publishes the work of leading scholars in groundbreaking textbooks, highly influential periodicals, must-have reference materials, and innovative digital resources across the curriculum. Instructors, students, researchers, and leaders alike trust and respect our quality content—known for uncompromising objectivity, breadth and depth of coverage, and high standards of journalistic and editorial excellence.

About Lecture Spark

CQ Press Lecture Spark is a free-to-use tool designed to help instructors launch meaningful classroom discussions with their students while also providing assessment options for in-class use.

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