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Iran In Turmoil

Protests have erupted throughout Iran over the death of a 22-year-old woman in police custody.

Mahsa Amini was visiting the capital, Tehran, earlier this month when she was arrested for not covering her hair properly with a hijab. While being detained, according to law enforcement, she had sudden heart failure that resulted in a coma and ultimately her death three days later. Her family has disputed the governments version of events and claim that their daughter was beaten by officers.

What is happening in Iran?

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News Articles:

Iran protests: Death toll rises to 76 as crackdown intensifies – rights group


September 27, 2022

Iran In Turmoil As Students Strike And Protests Continue


September 26, 2022

Iran security forces clash with protesters over Amini’s death


September 27, 2022

News Articles (Analysis):

EU and US consider further sanctions on Iran over protest crackdown


September 26, 2022

Young Iranians are rising up against decades of repression — arguably bolder than ever


September 24, 2022

The protests won’t lead to regime change, Iran’s foreign minister tells NPR


September 27, 2022

The Butchers of Iran


September 26, 2022


Writing:? What is the significance of protests in Iran?

Debate: Should Iranian women have to adhere to a strict dress code?

Poll: Should the international community do more to promote human rights in Iran?

Short Answer: What are the ramifications if Iran experiences prolonged unrest?


Over 75 people have died due to the protests in Iran. (T/F)

Mahsa Amini was arrested because she wore makeup. (T/F)

Protests in Iran have only occurred in the capital. (T/F)

What was the catalyst for the recent uprising in Iran?

  1. Rising fuel prices.
  2. Covid-19 restrictions.
  3. Death of a woman.
  4. Rampant corruption.

Which of the following countries does Iran blame for the recent crisis?

a. China and India

b. United States and Israel

c. Brazil and Nigeria

d. Japan and South Korea

All the following have been used by the Iranian government to thwart the protests EXCEPT.

a. The use of lethal force.

b. The arrests of protesters.

c. The closing of Mosques.

d. Restricted internet access.

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