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US-North Korea Summit in Vietnam

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The leaders of the United States and North Korea met for the second time in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Hanoi Summit was a follow-up to their 2018 meeting in Singapore with de-nuclearization of North Korea as a central goal. Instead, the summit ended abruptly without an agreement.

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“Trump, Kim leave Vietnam summit without agreement”

“Trump touts rapport with North Korea’s Kim at summit, ‘satisfied’ with talks”

“Trump leaves North Korea summit without nuclear deal”

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“Trump-Kim summit breaks down after North Korea demands end to sanctions”


  • Writing: What was the result of the second summit between the United States and North Korea?
  • Debate: The North Koreans sabotaged the summit by demanding a lift of economic sanctions.
  • Poll:  Do you believe a nuclear deal with North Korea is possible?
  • Short Answer: What were the United States’ goals going into the second summit with North Korea?

Current events quiz:

1) Where did the summit take place?

a. The United States
b. North Korea
c. South Korea
d. Vietnam

2) Why wasn’t a deal signed, according to President Trump?

a. Because Kim Jong-Un refused to compromise
b. Because Kim Jong-Un wanted full sanctions relief in exchange for shutting down a key nuclear facility
c. Because Trump was disrespectful to Kim Jong-Un
d. Because Kim Jong-Un arrived late to the summit

3) What was the summit about, primarily?

a. North Korea’s humanitarian relations
b. The possibility of creating democracy in North Korea
c. Sanctions and nuclear weapons
d. Economic growth

4) This was the fourth summit with North Korea in the last year. (T/F)

5) The result of the summit was that North Korea agreed to dismantle most of its nuclear weapons stockpile. (T/F)

6) According to North Korea, Kim Jong-un asked the US for partial sanctions relief and had offered a “realistic proposal” on denuclearization. (T/F)


1) D

2) B

3) C

4) F

5) F

6) T

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