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German City Declares “Nazi Emergency”

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Last week, the Dresden city council passed a largely symbolic resolution that condemned the far-right extremist movement PEGIDA and called on the city’s civil servants to protect minority rights in-the-midst-of “growing anti-immigrant sentiment” in the city. PEGIDA, which stands for “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West” has been criticized for holding anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic and xenophobic views.

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“German city of Dresden declares ‘Nazis emergency’”

“City council in Germany’s Dresden passes ‘Nazi emergency’ resolution”

“Dresden: The German city that declared a ‘Nazi emergency’”

“Germany: Dresden declares ‘Nazi emergency’”

“Germany’s Dresden adopts ‘Nazi emergency’ resolution, but critics say it’s a ‘linguistic blunder’”

“Germany’s far-right AfD set to embrace anti-Islam PEGIDA”

“Pegida: what does the German far-right movement actually stand for?”


  • Writing: Briefly describe the Allies’ post-war reaction to Nazism. Are there any parallels that can be drawn to compare Nazi rhetoric and the anti-immigrant rhetoric used in Europe today?
  • Debate: Nazism, including in the form of slogans, symbols and gestures should be made illegal in countries throughout the world.
  • Poll: Will this city resolution have any real impact on the problem of rising neo-Nazi, anti-immigrant sentiment?
  • Short Answer: Given the rise of anti-immigrant and anti-Semitic sentiment in Europe, what can governments do to ease tensions while still maintaining individual right to free speech?

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