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Queen Elizabeth II’s Death Sparks Debate About Her Legacy

On Thursday, September 8 Queen Elizabeth II died at age 96. Her seventy years on the throne marks the longest reign in British history. While Queen Elizabeth II served as the constitutional monarch of the United Kingdom, she was nevertheless, steadfast in her commitment to remain neutral on political issues. This desire to remain above the political fray added to her appeal among the public and parliament and thus allowed her to transcend politics. In addition, to serving as head of state to the UK, the Queen also served in this capacity in 14 other countries.

Who died?

INSTRUCTORS: click the link below to download this week’s lecture for use in your classroom. The deck contains a writing prompt and a debate question as well as other assessment questions.


News Articles:

Obituary: Queen Elizabeth II


September 9, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch who brought stability to a changing nation


September 8, 2022

TV, travel, walkabouts: How the Queen stayed relevant and transformed the monarchy


September 12, 2022

Queen Elizabeth’s death sparks nostalgia for ‘golden era’ in Hong Kong


September 12, 2022

News Articles (Analyses):

The royals have a duty to the Commonwealth: pay your debts, and apologize


September 13, 2022

The questions over the queen’s role in Britain’s violent empire, explained by a historian


September 13, 2022

Thousands defend professor who wished Queen Elizabeth II an ‘excruciating’ death


September 12, 2022

Setting record straight on Queen Elizabeth II


September 12, 2022


Writing:? What is the significance of Queen Elizabeth II’s death?

Debate: Should the UK provide reparations to former colonies?

Poll: If you lived in a Commonwealth country outside of the UK, would you want the monarch to be your head of state?

Short Answer: What are the ramifications if countries leave the Commonwealth?


Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning British monarch. (T/F)

Queen Elizabeth II was known to be political and voice her views publicly. (T/F)

When Queen Elizabeth II was born the UK was the world’s sole superpower. (T/F)

Queen Elizabeth II served as head of state to how many countries?

  1. 5
  2. 10
  3. 15
  4. 20

The British Empire once included?

a. a third of the earth’s landmass

b. a quarter of the earth’s landmass

c. a sixth of the planet’s population

d. a seventh of the planet’s population

All the following were cited as concerns regarding King Charles III EXCEPT.

a. Will he be apolitical.

b. Will he connect with the British people.

c. Will he abdicate the throne.

d. Will he acknowledge the UK’s role in slavery and colonization.


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