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U.S. Leaders React to Queen’s Passing

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President Biden led national political leaders in expressing condolences after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The White House’s official statement referred to the long-serving monarch as a “Stateswoman of unmatched  dignity.”

Queen Elizabeth II’s tenure spanned fourteen presidencies and was seen as someone who transcended politics. The Queen was  a strong proponent of the U.S./U.K special relationship, and foreign policy experts consider the United Kingdom to be the United States’ staunchest ally.

Which U.S. president was the only one to not meet with Queen Elizabeth II during her tenure?

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News Articles:

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The Guardian


US Presidents React to News of Queen Elizabeth’s Death: ‘She Defined An Era’



News Articles (Analyses):

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NY Times



Writing: A public opinion poll conducted before Queen Elizabeth II’s death found that over 60 percent of Americans had a favorable opinion of the monarch. What lessons can American political leaders borrow from the Queen in order to appeal to a larger cross-section of Americans?

Debate: Should American media coverage of the royal family always provide context about British colonialism and their past support of the slave trade?

Poll: Should monarchies still exist in the year 2022?

Short Answer: Why are the British such natural allies to the United States despite the Revolutionary War?


Why did so many consider Queen Elizabeth II the perfect envoy to the United States?

  1. she understood the personalities and idiosyncrasies of American government
  2. she owned a home in the United States
  3. she had dual UK/US citizenship
  4. she attended college in the United States

When did President Biden first meet Queen Elizabeth II?

  1. in 2009 during the inauguration of President Obama
  2. in 2004 at the funeral of former President Reagan
  3. in 2021 at his inauguration
  4. in 1982 during his time as a U.S. senator

Queen Elizabeth II famously went ______ with President Reagan during a visit to the United States?

  1. to a baseball game
  2. skydiving
  3. horseback writing
  4. Disney World

At 73, King Charles III becomes the oldest person to assume the British crown. (T/F)

King Charles has expressed a strong desire to reset the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. (T/F)

British support for American invasion of Iraq in 2003 tested the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. (T/F)

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