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Yemen Peace Talks

According to Reuters, “The U.N. is renewing efforts to end Yemen’s war under a peace plan that calls on the Iranian-aligned Houthis and the internationally recognized government, backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to work on a peace deal under a transitional governing body.”

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“Houthi last-minute demands delay Yemen peace talks in Geneva”

“Houthis will attend Geneva talks ‘if demands are met’”

“Yemen peace talks uncertain as rebels fail to attend”

“Yemen peace talks on hold as U.N. mediator awaits Houthi team”

“UN envoy confirms first Yemen peace talks in two years”

“UN Geneva talks should restore legitimacy to Yemen’s governance”

“Yemen talks will build confidence”

“Yemen’s Houthi Fighters Flout Saudi Arabia’s Might”

“Opinion | Give peace a real chance in Yemen”

“Squandering opportunities for peace is also a war crime in Yemen”

This UN Security Council document provides a helpful timeline for events in Yemen:


  • Writing: Why have peace efforts in Yemen been stalled?
  • Debate: Peace efforts in Geneva on Yemen should not commence until the Houthi delegation plans on attending.
  • Poll: How many of you are aware of the major factions in the Yemeni conflict?
  • Short Answer: What is the U.N.’s role in the Yemeni conflict?

Current events quiz:

1) What is the Houthi delegation demanding?

a. Transport of wounded rebels to Oman
b. Return of rebels who have already received treatment there
c. A guarantee that the Houthi delegation would be allowed to return to Sanaa after peace talks end
d. All of the above

2) The talks would be the first between the Yemeni government and the Houthi in ______.

a. 5 years
b. 9 months
c. 2 years
d. 7 years

3) The Houthis have fired long-range missiles into __________ and targeted vessels in the Red Sea.

a. Oman
b. Saudi Arabia
c. Amrān
d. Az Zaydiyah

4)The talks have been delayed twice because the Houthi delegation does not want to leave Sanaa. (T/F)

5) If the Houthi do not go to Geneva soon, the Yemeni government in Geneva will leave and the peace talks will not occur. (T/F)

6) The Yemeni government does not want to have these talks with the Houthi, but the U.N. is forcing them to do so. (T/F)


1) D

2) C

3) B

4) T

5) T

6) F

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