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A Supreme Retirement?

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Justice Anthony Kennedy is 81 years old and has served on the Supreme Court for more than 30 years. As the Supreme Court’s term ends next month, there is renewed speculation that he might choose to retire.

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“Will Kennedy retire and be Republicans’ Senate savior?”

“Abortion foes seize on chance to overturn Roe”

“Supreme Court hears Trump travel ban, appears likely to survive review”

“NYT editorial board to Justice Kennedy: ‘Please don’t go’”

“Democrats are in denial about the Supreme Court”

“The Anthony Kennedy watch returns: Will he stay or will he go?”

“Possible Justice Kennedy retirement would give Trump opportunity to tilt Supreme Court to right”



  • Writing: Why is there often speculation and concern about a possible retirement by Justice Anthony Kennedy?
  • Debate: Supreme Court Justices should be limited to no more than 20 years of service.
  • Poll: Can you name the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
  • Short Answer: How does the appointment process to the federal judiciary help presidents establish a legal and constitutional legacy?

Current events quiz:

1) Justice Anthony Kennedy was nominated to the Supreme Court by President George W. Bush. (T/F)

2) Justice Anthony Kennedy is a reliable vote with the conservative bloc of Justices. (T/F)

3) On the current Supreme Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy has served the longest. (T/F)

4) Speculation on Justice Kennedy’s possible retirement is intense because ______.

  1. he’s considered the swing Justice on the Court
  2. he is rarely in the majority on the Court
  3. he is a reliable vote for the conservative bloc
  4. he is a reliable vote for the liberal bloc

5) Supreme Court Justices are appointed for ______.

  1. 4 years
  2. 8 years
  3. 12 years
  4. life


1) False

2) False

3) True

4) A

5) D


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