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GOP Senator Blocks Military Promotions

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Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) continued his unprecedented, nine- month-long hold on military promotions, even as his actions drew more vocal opposition. It has been customary for senators to swiftly approve military nominations and promotions with little opposition. Tuberville, though, has been an outspoken critic of the Department of Defense policy that lets service members get reimbursements for reproductive care, including abortions, they receive out of state. The Alabama senator accuses the DOD of sponsoring taxpayer-funded abortion and is seeking its repeal as a condition to drop the blockade.

How many promotions have been blocked?

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News Articles

Why a single senator is blocking US military promotions and what it means for the Pentagon

Associated Press


A temporary Senate rule change could finally end Tuberville’s military blockade



Republican US senator blocks more military nominations, citing abortion policy



Tensions erupt within Senate GOP over Tuberville military holds

The Hill


GOP senators push back but can’t get past Tuberville on military blockade



Pentagon abortion policy Tuberville objects to would cost only $1M a year, study says

ABC News


Senate confirms Adm. Lisa Franchetti as 1st woman to lead US Navy

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In a reversal, Schumer says he will move forward to confirm hundreds military promotions previously held up by Tuberville




Writing: Explain why blocking military promotions to protest Pentagon abortion policies could be considered bad politics for the Republican Party. Do Republicans risk losing the political advantage they enjoy on national security and military matters?

Debate: Do U.S. Senate rules give too much power to individual senators or do the rules serve as a necessary check on the majority’s power?

Poll: Do you agree with Senator Tuberville that the DOD’s policy amounts to taxpayer-funded abortion?

Short Answer: Why do many view Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK) as an especially credible source on the matter of military promotions?

News Quiz



Lisa Franchetti became the first woman confirmed to lead the U.S. Navy. (T/F)

The average travel time to an abortion facility in Texas from one of the 15 military bases is eight hours. (T/F)

Republicans opposing the military promotion blockade have expressed a desire to reach compromise with Senator Tuberville before a vote to change the senate rules. (T/F)

Multiple Choice

Why has Senator Tommy Tuberville chosen to use this tactic in protest of Department of Defense policies?

  1. he argues that the only power “that a senator in the minority (party) has is to put a nomination on hold.”
  2. he is holding a grudge for not getting the House speakership
  3. Senator Tuberville opposes American support for Israel
  4. Senator Tuberville was dishonorably discharged from the Army as a younger man

How far would military personnel need to travel to the nearest abortion facility after the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision?

  1. 15 minutes
  2. 40 minutes
  3. 90 minutes
  4. 227 minutes

How much does the Department of Defense estimate that the travel reimbursement policy will cost?

  1. $500,000
  2. $1 million
  3. $10 million
  4. $1 billion

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