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Voters Head to the Polls in Off-Year Elections

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Democratic and Republican candidates faced off on Tuesday in off-year elections as both parties sought to build momentum for 2024. Kentucky voters narrowly reelected incumbent Governor Andy Beshear in a hard-fought contest over Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Beshear overcame an unfavorable political landscape for Democrats in the Bluegrass State and used abortion rights to drive Democratic turnout. Meanwhile, Mississippi Republican Governor Tate Reeves survived a competitive challenge from Democratic upstart Brandon Presley. Reeves was able to overcome personal unpopularity and corruption charges to notch the GOP win.     

Who is Brandon Presley’s famous relative?

Instructors: click the link below to download this week’s lecture for use in your classroom. The deck contains a writing prompt and a debate question as well as other assessment questions.

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Writing: Explain why Governor Beshear sought to distance himself from President Biden. What might Beshear’s strategy and subsequent victory say about a future White House run?

Debate: Does Governor Reeves’ narrow victory a sign of renewed Democratic strength in Mississippi or a result of a weak candidate?

Poll: Is abortion a losing issue for Republicans even in so-called Red States?

Short Answer: What color is used for a state like Virginia that alternates between supporting Democrats and Republicans?

News Quiz



Ohio was asked to consider legalization of marijuana, but only for medicinal purposes. (T/F)

Ohio Democratic and nonpartisan voters topped Republicans in early mail voting. (T/F)

Governor Youngkin’s approval rating in Virginia is in the mid 50 percent range (T/F)

Multiple Choice

Governor Beshear is related to which well-known Kentuckian?

  1. former Governor Steve Beshear
  2. actor George Clooney
  3. Harland “Colonel” Sanders
  4. Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari

How many Republican governors has Kentucky elected in the last 50 years?

  1. zero
  2. one
  3. two
  4. three

What change in the electoral process might delay resolution of the governor’s race in Mississippi?

  1. candidates for governor can now win the election with less than 50 percent of the vote
  2. candidates for governor must get more than 50 percent of the vote which might necessitate a runoff election
  3. candidates for governor must win the popular vote and win in every congressional district in the state
  4. candidates can win the election by winning only congressional districts and losing the popular vote

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