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Speaker McCarthy Seeks to Avert Shutdown

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U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy continued efforts to broker an intra party deal that would prevent a government shutdown after September 30. McCarthy has tried to appease the most conservative wing of his party while not alienating vulnerable members who face tough reelection campaigns next year. The speaker may ultimately be forced to reach an agreement with Democrats to avert a shutdown and backchannel conversations are underway. That event might lead to a revolt by the hardline Freedom Caucus who have already threatened to introduce a motion to vacate. 

How many Democrats has McCarthy called?

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Writing: Explain why Speaker McCarthy has been so reluctant to cooperate with Democrats to keep the government open. Which important announcement did McCarthy make recently about the Biden administration that was seen as a concession to the more conservative members of his party?

Debate: Should essential workers be required to work if they are not being paid?

Poll: Should continued U.S. financial support of the Ukrainian war be part of any deal to keep the government open?

Short Answer: What would happen to national parks and museums during a shutdown?

News Quiz



A continuing resolution (CR) would fund the government under current levels. (T/F)

The Women with Infant Children (WIC) program could cease giving food assistance to 7 million pregnant women, mothers, and infant children during a protracted shutdown. (T/F)

It is estimated that the travel industry would lose 140 million daily in a government shutdown. (T/F)

Multiple Choice

Which Republican lawmaker has most directly challenged Kevin McCarthy’s speakership?

  1. Matt Gaetz
  2. Tommy Tuberville
  3. Steve Scalise
  4. Mitt Romney

Why do many analysts believe that this shutdown would have a more negative effect on the economy?

  1. persistent inflation
  2. more federal workers would go without pay
  3. the end of COVID era benefits
  4. all these answers are correct

On what issue did former President Trump relent that ended the last government shutdown?

  1. his insistence on money for Ukraine
  2. his insistence on an increased minimum wage
  3. his insistence on immigration reform
  4. his insistence on money for a border wall

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