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Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Abortion Drug

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The Supreme Court issued a temporary administrative stay Friday pausing an order that would have limited access to mifepristone. Justice Alito issued the reprieve in response to an emergency appeal from the federal government challenging the unsigned order handed down by the Fifth Circuit of Appeals. The petitioners are seeking revocation of F.D.A. approval for the abortion drug that might affect availability even in states that permit abortion. Justice Alito has set a noon deadline on Tuesday for briefs though a timeline for a decision is uncertain.   

Why did petitioners file their challenge in a district court in Amarillo, Texas?

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Writing: Explain why the F.D.A. will likely comply with a court order despite pressure from politicians to defy any new restriction on the availability of mifepristone. What risk would the F.D.A. be taking if it defies a court order?

Debate: Should Congress step in and legislate a national policy on abortion or should authority remain with the states?

Poll: Should mifepristone be readily available in the United States?

Short Answer: Why did Justice Alito issue a stay on the Fifth Circuit’s order when he wrote the opinion that overturned Roe v. Wade?

News Quiz


The stay issued by the Supreme Court to maintain the status quo on the availability of mifepristone makes it very likely that they will ultimately rule in favor of the F.D.A. (T/F)

The politics after the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision has benefited Democrats more than Republicans. (T/F)

Some governors from states that permit abortion have begun to stockpile mifepristone. (T/F)

Multiple Choice

How many pregnancies have been terminated using mifepristone?

  1. 1 million
  2. 5 million
  3. 10 million
  4. 20 million

The F.D.A. currently recommends that mifepristone be taken within how many weeks of a pregnancy?

  1. six weeks
  2. eight weeks
  3. ten weeks
  4. twenty weeks

When will Florida’s six-week ban on abortion go into effect?

  1. on January 1st
  2. after the Florida Supreme Court overturns the past precedent
  3. on September 1
  4. after President Biden approves it

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