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Power Struggle in Sudan Leads to Fears of a Civil War

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Recently, fighting broke out between rival military factions in the north-east African country of Sudan over who will lead the country. Tensions have been high over the last several days between the supporters of General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who heads the armed forces and those loyal to his deputy General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo leader of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF). For the last year and half Sudan, a strategically important yet impoverished country of 46 million has been ruled by a council of generals. Both Burhan and Dagalo are distrustful of one another and believe the other is attempting to consolidate power.

What is happening in Sudan?

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Writing: What is the significance of fighting between two rival military factions in Sudan ?

Debate: What is the best way to achieve peace in Sudan?

Poll: Should the international community send troops into Sudan to ensure peace?

Short Answer: What are the ramifications if Sudan experiences a civil war?

News Quiz


For the last year and half Sudan has been ruled by a council of generals. (T/F)

The international community has remained silent concerning the fighting in Sudan. (T/F)

Generals Burhan and Dagalo have each been accused of committing human rights abuses in the past. (T/F)

Multiple Choice

How many people have been killed in Sudan since fighting began on April 15?

  1. 180.
  2. 1,800.
  3. 18,000.
  4. 180,000.

Which of the following countries has exploited Sudan’s gold mines?

  1. Russia.
  2. United States.
  3. China.
  4. Egypt.

All the following is true concerning Sudan EXCEPT.

  1. It has a population of 46 million people.
  2. It has a unified military and is stable.
  3. It has high unemployment and inflation.
  4. The average annual income is just $750.

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