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Education Policy at the Forefront in Texas

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas continued his  ‘Parent Empowerment Tour’ this week to sell his school choice program to the public. Abbott is trying to follow other prominent Republican governors who expanded school choice and voucher programs. The governor and lieutenant governor have thrown their weight behind SB 8 and have made it a priority item, but passage is far from assured. Teachers’ groups and representatives from rural districts have been reluctant to endorse school choice because they fear money will be diverted from public schools.

What instructional topics would be prohibited under SB 8?

Instructors: click the link below to download this week’s lecture for use in your classroom. The deck contains a writing prompt and a debate question as well as other assessment questions.

Download: CQP_Lecture_Spark_PPT_Education Policy at the Forefront in Texas


News Articles

School choice is moving forward in Texas as Gov. Abbott throws in support

Fox News


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Inside the rural Texas resistance to the GOP’s private school choice plan

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Gov. Greg Abbott organizes “school choice” rally at the Capitol

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Tensions rise at TEA’s first community meeting about Houston ISD takeover

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TEA changes location for 3rd community meeting on HISD takeover



Student-led LGBT+ organization sues West Texas A&M president after he canceled student charity drag show



Texas faculty, students worry about how dropping DEI policies will impact universities

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Writing: Explain why rural school districts who typically support Republican policies are opposed to school choice. What assurances is the governor making about the school choice program to court their support?

Debate: Is school choice the answer to improving education in Texas or do public schools need more funding?

Poll: Should Texas families receive a taxpayer funded education savings account to give them the choice to enroll their children in private school?

Short Answer: Why did the TEA move the location of the latest community meeting to discuss the HISD takeover?

News Quiz


Texas would be the first state in the union to introduce school choice and vouchers. (T/F)

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan did not include school choice in his list of priorities. (T/F)

The TEA appointed board overseeing HISD will be installed on June 1. (T/F)

Multiple Choice

How much money would each Texas family receive per child in an educational savings account under the proposed SB 8?

  1. $1,000
  2. $5,000
  3. $8,000
  4. $10,000

How close is the nearest private school to the city of Robert Lee, Texas?

  1. 10 miles
  2. 30 miles
  3. 50 miles
  4. 100 miles

What change to pre-Kindergarten education would result from the proposed SB 8?

  1. everyone, regardless of income, would receive $8,000 to send their children to public or private pre-K
  2. everyone, regardless of income, would receive $8,000 to send their children to private pre-K
  3. no one, regardless of income, would receive any state money for public or private pre-K
  4. only low-income earners would receive $8,000 for public or private pre-K

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