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Xi Travels to Russia and Pledges Support for Putin

On Monday, March 20 Chinese President Xi Jinping traveled to Russia for a two-day state visit. It is the first state visit by the Chinese leader since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine more than a year ago. Xi praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for his “strong leadership” and suggested that the Russian leader would be successful in next year’s presidential election. Informal talks were held between the two heads of state prior to a six-course meal. Formal talks are scheduled for Tuesday between the authoritarian leaders, and this marks the fortieth such meeting between the two since 2012.

What happened in Russia?

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News Articles

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Writing: What is the significance of Xi Jinping’s state visit to Russia?

Debate: Should China’s peace proposal for ending the war in Ukraine be seriously considered given their alliance with Russia?

Poll: Should the International Criminal Court have issued an arrest warrant to Putin for war crimes ?

Short Answer: What do China and Russia hope to accomplish with President Xi’s visit?

News Quiz


Xi and Putin have met over 30 times since 2012. (T/F)

China has decreased its imports of Russian oil because of Western sanctions on Russia. (T/F)

China and Russia are eager to create an alliance of countries that are anti-Western. (T/F)

Multiple Choice

Russia’s trade with China accounts for what percentage of its imports and exports?

  1. 30.
  2. 25.
  3. 15.
  4. 10.

Both China and Russia subscribe to the idea of what type of world?

  1. Unipolar.
  2. Multipolar.
  3. Bipolar.
  4. Anarchy.

All the following are issues that China and Russia plan to address EXCEPT.

  1. Trade.
  2. Peace plan.
  3. Immigration.
  4. Unity.


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