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Newsom Declares State of Emergency in California

Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency for thirteen counties in southern California following days of record-breaking snowfall that left hundreds trapped and without power. The rare snowstorm dumped up to ten feet of snow in parts of California and led to the closure of popular tourist destinations. Emergency responders have been at work rescuing residents and tourists trapped in their homes with little food and medicine. This marks the second winter storm in as many weeks to affect weary Californians.

Who has the Cal OES partnered with to expedite snow removal and clear roadways?

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News Articles

The following are selected news articles on Newsom Declares State of Emergency in California:

California winter storms bring heavy snow; Newsom declares state of emergency in 13 counties




Officials admit being unprepared for epic mountain blizzard, leaving many trapped and desperate

Los Angeles Times



California declares state of emergency in 13 counties after brutal winter storm traps residents




California drought update: Winter storm lifts regions out of drought

CBS Los Angeles



California’s snow-stranded residents need food, plows, help

Associated Press



Gavin Newsom roasted for leaving California on ‘personal travel’ amid devastating winter storms

Fox News



National Guard crews arrive in San Bernardino Mountains to help snowed-in communities




‘I feel like I’m never going to get out’: After epic California storm, towns remain snowed in

USA Today




Writing: Explain why San Bernardino County was overwhelmed by the winter storm despite having snowplows and other winter equipment. Will California counties need to invest in heavier duty winter equipment for future blizzards?

Debate: Do the recent winter storms in California portend more severe events in the future or were they isolated occurrences?

Poll: Does Governor Newsom deserve criticism for being out of the state during the winter storm?

Short Answer: Why did the northern parts of the state responds better to the winter storm?

News Quiz


California had never experienced any significant snowfall before the recent winter storm. (T/F)

Before the recent winter storms, 40% of the state was categorized as in an “extreme” or “exceptional” drought, according to the Drought Monitor. (T/F)

The winter storms have relieved the entire state of California from drought conditions. (T/F)

Multiple Choice

How many inches of snow fell in Huntington Lake in the Sierra Nevada?

  1. 50 inches
  2. 100 inches
  3. 144 inches
  4. 200 inches

How many people live in the San Bernardino mountains either part or full-time?

  1. 50,000
  2. 80,000
  3. 100,000
  4. 250,000

What was the reason given for Governor Newsom’s absence from the state during the recent winter storm?

  1. a medical procedure
  2. campaigning in another state
  3. personal travel
  4. official travel on behalf of the state

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