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SCOTUS Considers Challenge to Section 230

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The Communications Decency Act passed in 1996 to regulate explicit content and to support innovation within the still fledgling internet. Section 230 was later added by amendment to ensure that technology companies would not be treated as publishers of third-party content. Section 230 contributed to the explosive growth of the internet and gave broad legal immunity to technology companies for user content on their platforms. Section 230 has been invoked frequently in lawsuits as technology has become ubiquitous in everyday life.

Why were major parts of the CDA overturned by the court?

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Writing: Explain how tech companies would operate differently if Section 230 is repealed. Is it truly possible for tech companies to moderate all user content?

Debate: Should the government exercise more oversight of tech companies, or should tech companies be left to self-regulate?

Poll: Should Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act be repealed?

Short Answer: What are the 26 words in Section 230 that some say created the modern internet?

News Quiz


The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the Section 230 case in July. (T/F)

Texas and Florida have passed laws which restrict the ability of social media companies to moderate content. (T/F)

The U.S. Congress seems poised to swiftly reform Section 230 regardless of how the Supreme Court rules. (T/F)

Multiple Choice

Which popularly used website said it owed their existence to Section 230?

  1. eBay
  2. Uber
  3. Wikipedia
  4. TikTok

According to experts, what is the name of the legal test that could significantly weaken the power of Section 230 if applied?

  1. Henderson Test
  2. Lemon Test
  3. Miller Test
  4. Sullivan Test

What did Justice Kagan call the Communications Decency Act?

  1. a solution looking for a problem
  2. Big Brother overreach
  3. a pre-algorithm statute
  4. the death knell for the internet

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