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DeSantis Scores Political Wins as 2024 Speculation Heats Up

Florida lawmakers voted in the last days of a special session to expand Governor Ron DeSantis’s powers to transport migrants to Democratic states and increased state oversight of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The governor made headlines in 2022 after he sent  migrants to Massachusetts and engaged in a very public feud with Disney for comments they made in opposition to DeSantis-backed legislation. DeSantis has also been involved in a high profile spat over AP African American studies that resulted in the College Board revising its curriculum.   

How will Disney’s status change in Florida?

Instructors: click the link below to download this week’s lecture for use in your classroom. The deck contains a writing prompt and a debate question as well as other assessment questions.

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News Articles

Florida legislature expands Ron DeSantis’ program to fly migrants to blue states

NBC News


GOP-led Florida Legislature gives DeSantis tools to fight in court, slap Disney

Tallahassee Democrat


DeSantis edges closer to 2024 decision

The Hill


Disney won’t fight Ron DeSantis’ takeover of Reedy Creek district



Schools are prime focus for Republicans eyeing White House

Los Angeles Times


College Board responds to Florida rejection of AP African American studies

ABC News


Nikki Haley to travel to Iowa after launching presidential campaign

News 7 KWWL


DeSantis skips White House event as he and Biden draw 2024 battle lines

NBC News



Writing: Explain why Governor DeSantis is seen as such an appealing candidate by Republicans. How does being from Florida improve his chances of being elected president?

Debate: Is Governor DeSantis’s confrontational style suited to be president?

Poll: Will Governor DeSantis be the Republican nominee for president in 2024?

Short Answer: How does Ambassador Haley’s expected entry into the presidential race affect the dynamic of the Republican primary?

News Quiz


The Republican Party reshuffled its primary system to make Florida the first state to vote. (T/F)

If elected, Ron DeSantis would be the youngest person to ever serve as president. (T/F)

Nikki Haley was once governor of South Carolina. (T/F)

Multiple Choice

How much bond debt did Florida taxpayers stand to inherit from Reedy Creek Improvement District before the legislature stepped in?

  1. 50 million
  2. 100 million
  3. 700 million
  4. 1 billion

What will be the new name of the former Reedy Creek Improvement District?

  1. Disney Development District
  2. Sunshine State Tourism Board
  3. Reedy Creek Accountability District
  4. Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

How did the College Board respond to criticism of the curriculum in AP African American Studies?

  1. it eliminated the course from its catalogue
  2. it made certain conservative topics mandatory teaching
  3. it made more controversial topics optional teaching
  4. it sued the state of Florida’s Department of Education

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