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Explosive Police Footage Leaves Nation on Edge

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Explosive bodycam footage showing Memphis police beating a  man named Tyre Nichols was released on Friday evening by the Shelby County district attorney. The twenty-nine-year-old Nichols would succumb to his injuries leading to the swift termination and indictment of five police officers. Cities across the country braced for protests reminiscent to those following the untimely death of George Floyd. In a press conference Friday, Nichols’ family called for peaceful protests, and urged other municipalities to emulate the decisive action taken in Memphis to discipline the rogue officers.

Why was Tyre Nichols first stopped by police?

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News Articles

A brutal beating. Cries for his mom. 23-minute delay in aid. Here are the key revelations from the Tyre Nichols police videos




Politicians, activists decry Tyre Nichols fatal traffic stop after video’s release

USA Today



Video shows police kicking, pepper spraying, beating Tyre Nichols after traffic stop

Memphis Commercial Appeal



What we know about Tyre Nichols’ death and the officers charged with his murder

CBS News



Tyre Nichols video: FBI director says ‘I was appalled’ by bodycam footage, as nation braces for release

Fox News



More protests today after release of video depicting the deadly police beating of Tyre Nichols




Reactions and statements from public figures on video of Tyre Nichols being beaten by police

Fox 13 Memphis



Memphis SCORPION unit permanently disbanded

WREG Memphis




Writing: Explain why Tyre Nichols’ family praised the official response to police misconduct in Memphis. Is this a template that can be replicated in other cities?

Debate: Would requiring police to wear bodycams serve the public interest or does it make policing more difficult?

Poll: Can better police training prevent what happened in Memphis to Tyre Nichols?

Short Answer: Why did Chief Davis agree to deactivate the SCORPION unit?

News Quiz


Tyre Nichols was a native Tennessean who had expressed a desire to join the Memphis police force. (T/F)

All five of the accused police officers charged in the death of Tyre Nichols are African American. (T/F)

The Nichols family is represented by attorney Ben Crump. (T/F)

Multiple Choice

SCORPION officers ___________.

  1. wore black hoodies.
  2. wore tactical vests with the word POLICE emblazoned on the front and back.
  3. drove dark Dodge Chargers with a SCORPION seal.
  4. all these answers are correct.

Who did Tyre Nichols call for when he was being attacked by police?

  1. his lawyer
  2. his father
  3. his mother
  4. his doctor

Memphis police chief C.J. Davis said the attack on Tyre Nichols was a failing of what?

  1. citizen respect toward the police
  2. basic humanity toward another individual
  3. police training
  4. professionalism

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