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Biden Faces Myriad Challenges as Third Year Begins

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Joe Biden began the third year of his presidency facing an impending threat to the nation’s full faith and credit and trying to minimize the fallout from a growing political scandal. The U.S. hit the $31.38 trillion limit set by the Congress this week  forcing the Treasury Department to take ‘extraordinary measures’ to avoid default. The Treasury estimates, however, that the nation will begin defaulting in June if Congress does not raise the current ceiling. The White House’s public position is that the debt limit should be raised unconditionally, while House Republicans are looking to negotiate concessions.

What spending does the debt limit apply to?

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Writing: Explain why the presence of a Republican House might improve President Biden’s standing with the American public. How can President Biden use Republican recalcitrance to further his reelection prospects, even as his agenda stalls?

Debate: Would increasing the debt limit only encourage further government spending by Congress?

Poll: Do you believe that President Biden has acted appropriately in his handling of classified materials?

Short Answer: Why is the classified document investigation potentially even more problematic for President Biden than for former President Trump?

News Quiz


The FBI search of President Biden’s home was conducted through a surprise raid. (T/F)

Some of the classified documents recovered by the Justice Department date back to Biden’s time as a U.S. senator. (T/F)

President Biden accused the Justice Department of engaging in a witch hunt against him and his administration. (T/F)

Multiple Choice

Which Democratic senator has agreed that the Biden Administration should negotiate over the debt limit increase?

  1. Senator Elizabeth Warren
  2. Senator Joe Manchin
  3. Senator Mark Kelly
  4. Senator Bernie Sanders

How many times has the debt limit been increased?

  1. 25 times
  2. 50 times
  3. 78 times
  4. 100 times

Which decade saw the largest increase in debt and the debt limit?

  1. the 1950s
  2. the 1980s
  3. the 1990s
  4. the 2000s

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