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The Presidency and the 2022 Elections

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Midterm elections are often thought of as a referendum on the president. While Presidents may not be on the ballot, voters’ opinions on the president’s job performance influence how they will vote in midterm elections. Much of the discussion heading into the 2022 election focused on President Biden’s low approval ratings and whether they would harm Democrats in the midterm election.

At the same time, presidents use their office to try to focus both the media’s and the public’s attention on certain issues that will help their party in the midterm election. At the end of the 2022 election we saw President Biden attempt to use his office to focus attention on threats to American Democracy. Although this strategy was initially dismissed by many political pundits, it seems to have helped Democrats in the 2022 election.

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Debate: Did President Biden’s focus on preserving American Democracy towards the end of the 2022 election help Democrats?

Poll: Should presidents attempt to influence public opinion?

Did you watch or hear about President Biden’s Speech in Philadelphia on preserving American Democracy?

Short Answer: Why are presidents in a good position to influence public opinion?

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