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Political Participation and the 2022 Elections

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Political participation can take many forms. One form that usually is a good predictor for what will happen in an election is campaign donations. When one party’s candidates are receiving a larger number of donations than the other, that is usually a sign that party has momentum going into the election. While there was plenty of talk among political pundits about a “red wave” forming, the donations data did not point in that direction; Democrats heavily outraised Republicans in 2022. In addition, Democrats received a boost in fundraising after the Dobbs decision showing they were gaining momentum. 2022 also many protests and rallies over the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v Jackson, another form of political participation. These protests were another signal that the Supreme Court decision was encouraging people to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

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Debate: Why would people want to donate money to political candidates?

What regulations on protest do you think should be allowed?

Poll: Do You Know Anyone That Attended a Protest After the Dobbs Decision?

Have you ever donated money to a political candidate?

Short Answer: What causes would you be willing to attend a protest to support?

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