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Interest Groups and the 2022 Election

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Like every election, independent expenditures by interest groups were a major factor in the 2022 election. One of the big issues was the use of “dark money” in election. Dark money has been an issue in every election since the Supreme Court Decision in Citizens United v FEC (2010). 2022 saw a flood of dark money spent to influence the election. The issue of dark money in elections received more attention in August when the New York Times discovered a new conservative dark money groups with ties to a network of other conservative groups had received a $1.6 billion donation from a single donor. This again had people worrying that dark money was a way for the ultra-rich to influence elections in the United States.

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Debate: Is dark money bad for American democracy?

Why would some politicians oppose banning dark money?

Poll: Should groups that spend money on election activities be required to reveal their donors?

Should donations to political groups be tax-free?

Short Answer: What are ways donors can hide their donations to dark money groups?

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