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Domestic Policy and the 2022 Elections

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Abortion rights became one of the most important issues during the 2022 election as a result of the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v Jackson. Six states would hold referendums dealing with abortion rights that year. This issue of abortion would be very beneficial for Democrats in the 2022 election – they hoped this issue would increase voter turnout amongst Democrats. An August referendum in Kansas would show whether the issue could encourage voter turnout in 2022. More people voted in the Kansas referendum than voted in the 2014 midterm election.

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Debate: What type of ballot measures might increase the likelihood you would vote in an election?

Do you think the issue of abortion rights increased voter turnout in 2022?

Poll: Should your state add a ban on abortions to your state constitution?

Should votes on amendments to state constitutions occur during the general election or should they occur in a separate election?

Short Answer: Name the six states that help referendums on abortion rights in 2022.

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