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Foreign Policy and the 2022 Elections

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While foreign policy tends to be less important than domestic policy in US elections, foreign policy did play a role in the 2022 election. One big issue was the Russian invasion of Ukraine. When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 the Biden administration asked Congress to pass an aid package for Ukraine and worked to convince other countries to provide aid to Ukraine. Congress would pass three aid packages for Ukraine in 2022. Initially, most members of Congress and people in the electorate supported providing aid to Ukraine. However, as the war in Ukraine progressed, some Republicans in Congress and Republicans in the electorate began to question providing aid to Ukraine. Many feared that if the Republicans took control of Congress, US aid to Ukraine would be cut off which would severely harm Ukraine’s ability to defend itself. Besides providing aid to Ukraine, the US imposed economic sanctions on Russia. However, these sanctions caused gas prices in the United States to surge.

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Debate: Why do you think as the 2022 election progressed, we began to see a partisan divide in support for aid to Ukraine?

How much aid should the US provide to Ukraine?

Poll: Do you think the US should continue to provide aid to Ukraine to combat the Russian Invasion?

Short Answer: Do you think the US should continue to place economic sanctions on Russia?

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