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Congress and the 2022 Elections

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Heading into election day many pundits predicted that Republicans would make significant gains in the House of Representatives and possibly win control of the Senate. However, while Republicans did win control of the House of Representatives, they only had a net gain of 9 seats. Historically, the out-party in the post-World War II has averaged a net gain of 26 seats in the House of Representatives. In the Senate, Democrats gained one seat (Pennsylvania). For the first time since 1934 the president’s party did not lose any Senate seats that it controlled before the election. After the election there was much discussion over why Republicans had underperformed during the 2022 election.

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Debate: Is it better for one party to control Congress and another to control the presidency?

A record number of women were elected to Congress in 2018. How will this affect Congress?

Poll: Is it bad for the country that states are becoming more polarized in congressional elections?

Short Answer: How will the fact Democrats gained one seat in the Senate affect the chamber?


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