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Concern About  Violence
After Assault of Political Spouse

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Elected officials from both parties condemned the violent assault of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, in their San Francisco home. The attack on Mr. Pelosi came as law enforcement is reporting an uptick in threats to elected officials and election workers.

The SFPD police chief credited the swift response by officers on the scene and dispatchers who likely helped save Mr. Pelosi’s life. The 42-year-old suspect, who had posted a series of conspiracy theories on social media, has been charged with assault, attempted murder, burglary, and elder abuse.

Why do many suspect that Nancy Pelosi was the true target of the attack?

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News Articles:

Pelosi attack shocks country on edge about democracy threats

Associated Press


Attack on Pelosi’s husband heightens fears of increasing US political violence

The Guardian


GOP gives mixed messages on Paul Pelosi attack

The Hill


Violent attack on Paul Pelosi latest shock in country on edge about threats to democracy



News Articles (Analyses):

Attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband prompts Republicans, including many who defied the 2020 election results after Capitol rioters hunted her on Jan. 6, to denounce political violence

Business Insider


Attack on Pelosi’s Husband Spurs Concern Over Political Violence

U.S. News and World Report


Paul Pelosi told attacker he needed to use the bathroom, called 911 from there



What we know about the nudist activist and conspiracy theorist who attacked Paul Pelosi

Washington Times



Writing: Explain why politicians will sometimes repeat conspiracy theories that have been debunked. Who is best equipped to hold politicians accountable for not telling the truth in their statements and advertising?

Debate: Should elected officials be held responsible for the actions of supporters?

Poll: Will Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter lead to more incendiary political speech?

Short Answer: Why are so many Americans susceptible to disinformation and misinformation from political leaders?


What percentage of Americans believe that democracy is working extremely or very well according to the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research?

  1. 9 percent
  2. 25 percent
  3. 50 percent
  4. 75 percent

How did former President Trump react to the Pelosi attack?

  1. he condemned the attack on Mr. Pelosi
  2. he expressed support for the attacker
  3. he remained silent and made no comment
  4. by shared a discredited conspiracy theory about the attack

The perpetrator asked repeatedly “where’s Nancy?” reminding many of __________?

  1. the movie The Shining
  2. the January 6th attackers
  3. the Republican political attack line against the Democrats during the 2022 midterms
  4. a popular song in the Bay Area

Speaker Pelosi was in Washington D.C. when her husband was attacked. (T/F)

The perpetrator had previously expressed leftist views on social media before he started posting right-wing conspiracies. (T/F)

Senator Susan Collins said she would not be surprised if a senator or House member was killed. (T/F)


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