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Nigeria Experiences Historic Flood

Over the last several weeks Nigeria has been inundated by precipitation which has resulted in the country’s worst flood in over a decade. Due to the heavy rainfall and corresponding flooding, over 600 people have died, thousands injured and over a million Nigerians have been displaced from their homes.

The torrential rain has caused widespread flooding with 33 of Nigeria’s 36 states impacted including the capital, Abuja FCT. In addition, infrastructure such as roads and homes have been destroyed and forecasts indicate more rain is on the way only compounding the situation.

What is happening in Nigeria?

INSTRUCTORS: click the link below to download this week’s lecture for use in your classroom. The deck contains a writing prompt and a debate question as well as other assessment questions.


News Articles:

Nigeria floods: Braving the rising waters in Kogi state


October 14, 2022

Nigeria flooding kills more than 600 people and displaces 1.3mn


October 17, 2022

Flooding in Nigeria has killed more than 600 people, the government says

October 17, 2022

Hundreds killed in Nigeria floods, more than 1.4 million displaced


October 14, 2022

News Articles (Analyses):

Planting trees – and hope – in a flood-prone Nigerian town


October 18, 2022

Nigeria’s worst flooding in decade worsens food insecurity


October 6, 2022

Why a dam in Cameroon causes devastating floods in Nigeria every year [Pulse Explainer]


October 10, 2022

Over 600 killed in catastrophic Nigeria flooding


October 17, 2022


 Writing:? What is the significance of flooding in Nigeria?

 Debate: What are the main reasons why the flooding in Nigeria is so severe?

 Poll: Should the international community do more to combat climate change?

 Short Answer: What are the ramifications if Nigeria is unable to feed itself?


Nigeria is experiencing its worst flood in over a decade. (T/F)

Nigeria is Africa’s largest country. (T/F)

Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians have died because of the flooding. (T/F)

Which of the following countries released water from a dam making the flooding worse in Nigeria?

  1. Mali.
  2. Cameroon.
  3. Niger.
  4. Ghana.

Flooding has occurred in how many of Nigeria’s 36 states?

a. 15.

b. 24.

c. 33.

d. 36.

All the following have contributed to deforestation in Nigeria EXCEPT.

a. Coal and natural gas.

b. Urbanization.

c. Population growth.

d. Environmental disasters.

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