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Demand of Resignations as Recordings Surface in Los Angeles

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The political fallout continued in Los Angeles as explosive audio recordings were released of three council members making derogatory remarks. The secret audio captured Council President Nury Martinez, and councilmen Gil Cedillo and Kevin de Leon demeaning people based on race, religion, and sexual orientation.

Protests ensued after the audio was made public, and the calls for resignation were widespread including the governor and the president of the United States. Council President Martinez was the first to resign as the other two have resisted the exhortations.

Where was the controversial audio of the three council members recorded?

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News Articles (Analyses):

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Writing: Explain why some argue that three potential resignations from Los Angeles City Council by Latino politicians will setback the quest for equity on council. How were the three council members seeking to expand Latino political power in Los Angeles?

Debate: Should more seats be added to the Los Angeles City Council, and should an independent panel review the current redistricting map?

Poll: Should political candidates who make racist statements be barred from holding public office?

Short Answer: Why do many observers say that Los Angeles City Council has stopped conducting official business for the city?


Which political position did Kevin de Leon pursue earlier in 2022?

  1. Governor of California
  2. California Attorney General
  3. Mayor of Los Angeles
  4. Los Angeles County Treasurer

Nury Martinez was captured on tape making derogatory remarks about immigrants from which Mexican state?

  1. Baja California
  2. Chihuahua
  3. Jalisco
  4. Oaxaca

How often is redistricting done in Los Angeles?

  1. every year
  2. every five years
  3. every ten years
  4. every twenty years

Nury Martinez was the first Latina to ever serve as Los Angeles City Council President. (T/F)

Senator Alex Padilla defended Nury Martinez and urged her to stay and fight the accusations against her. (T/F)

Mayor Eric Garcetti ran for president before he was nominated for U.S. Ambassador to India. (T/F)

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