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Hurricane Ian Pummels Southeast

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Hurricane Ian battered the southwestern coast of Florida leaving behind a path of destruction that in turn left hundreds of thousands without electricity and water. Furthermore, the storm is likely to be one of the costliest in state history joining Andrew and Irma.

The death toll from the storm has climbed steadily as emergency workers continue the frantic search for survivors. At Governor DeSantis’ request, FEMA has been on the ground assisting Floridians with food, water, ice and diesel fuel for electric generators.

Why has so much attention centered on Lee County in Florida?

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News Articles:

Biden to visit hurricane-ravaged Florida and Puerto Rico




DeSantis defends early hurricane response as questions mount over evacuations




There are ‘no easy fixes’ in Florida. But could Hurricane Ian’s havoc bring a call for better planning?

USA Today



Hurricane Ian again a Category 1 storm over the Atlantic as Central Florida still reels in its wake

Orlando Sentinel



News Articles (Analyses):

Ian leaves dozens dead as focus turns to rescue, recovery

Associated Press



Ian’s death toll rises to at least 32; more than 1,000 rescued in Florida

USA Today



Ian slams Virginia

ABC 13 News



Cyclone Ian batters South Carolina in second US landfall

BBC News




Writing: Explain why some experts believe that climate change is making storms more severe. Why are the coastal areas in Florida so vulnerable to property damage and loss of life?

Debate: Should states that continue to build in flood-prone areas continue to receive federal aid after a storm?

Poll: Did Governor DeSantis properly prepare Floridians for Hurricane Ian?

Short Answer: How did FEMA respond to Hurricane Ian?


What was the name of the last major hurricane to hit southwest Florida?

  1. Andrew
  2. Charley
  3. Katrina
  4. Shelly

How much more rain did scientists estimate that climate change added to hurricanes in 2020?

  1. 5 percent
  2. 10 percent
  3. 25 percent
  4. 50 percent

Why did some criticize Governor DeSantis’s response to Hurricane Ian?

  1. he threw paper towels at people who were in line for supplies
  2. he refused to request for federal help because of disagreement over border policy
  3. people in Lee County were not warned to evacuate early enough
  4. he traveled to Martha’s Vineyard to ride out the storm

5,000 Florida Guardsmen were activated by Governor DeSantis. (T/F)

Hurricane Ian is expected to be costlier than Hurricane Katrina. (T/F)

Post-Tropical Cyclone Ian made its second landfall in South Carolina. (T/F)

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