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Abbott Remains Steadfast on Border Policy

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that migrants detained at the U.S. border with Mexico would be bussed to the steps of the capitol building in Washington. Abbott’s move comes in response to the federal government’s decision to end Title 42 in May, which permitted authorities to quickly remove migrants and asylum-seekers.

The governor received bipartisan criticism for his intention, but his office later clarified that the program is voluntary for migrants and would only occur after processing and release by DHS. In response, the White House dismissed Abbott’s order as a publicity stunt .

Why did the CDC decide to end Title 42?

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News Articles:

Gov. Abbott, Texas officials react as Biden drops Trump-era migrant expulsions at border

Houston Chronicle


Psaki dismisses Texas Gov. Abbott plan to bus illegal immigrants to U.S. Capitol as ‘publicity stunt’

Fox News


Abbott says Texas will send charter buses with migrants to Washington

CBS News


Gov. Greg Abbott’s plan to bus migrants to Washington, D.C., will be voluntary



News Articles (Analyses):

What is Operation Lone Star? Gov. Greg Abbott’s controversial border mission, explained.

Texas Tribune


Texas public defender offices urge Biden to investigate Operation Lone Star



Operation Lone Star needs another $531 million, National Guard leader tells lawmakers

Austin American-Statesman


Texas’ Border Operation Is Meant to Deter Cartels and Smugglers. More Often, It Imprisons Lone Men for Trespassing.

Pro Publica



Writing: Explain why Democratic senators Mark Kelly and Kyrsten Sinema opposed the end of Title 42 so vociferously?  Why is it especially important for Mark Kelly to stake out an independent position on immigration even if it defies his own political party?

Debate: As commander of chief of the Texas military, should Governor Abbott concern himself more with troop morale or is a successful mission more important?

Poll: Do you agree with the decision to end Title 42?

Short Answer: Describe how the Department of Homeland Security is planning to respond if there is migrant surge on the border?


On what day will Title 42 expire?

  1. May 1
  2. May 23
  3. August 31
  4. December 31

Title 42 most affected migrants who were seeking what from the U.S. government?

  1. asylum
  2. citizenship
  3. residency
  4. work visas

Members of the National Guard, State Guard, and Texas Department of Public Safety assigned to Operation Lone Star can enforce which laws?

  1. federal immigration laws
  2. international laws
  3. state immigration laws
  4. state laws

Governor Abbott ordered enhanced safety inspections of vehicles entering the country, boat blockades in the Rio Grande River, and for razor wire to be deployed at lower-water crossings. (T/F)


At least four Texas National Guard members associated with Operation Lone Star have committed suicide. (T/F)


Many of the migrants detained on the border are charged with trespassing and not immigration offenses. (T/F)

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