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Right-Wing Hungarian Party Further Consolidates Power

Voters in Hungary recently participated in elections which saw the ruling right-wing Fidesz party further consolidate power. Led by Viktor Orban, the Fidesz party was able to overcome a unified effort by six opposition parties that had hoped to build a winning coalition and gain control of the government.

Instead, the Fidesz party was able to secure 54% of the vote and thus will remain in firm control of the legislature by holding 135 seats in the 199-member parliament. The election results mean that Prime Minister Viktor Orban will continue to lead Hungary as he has done for the last dozen years.

What happened in Hungary?

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News Articles:

Hungary election: Viktor Orban’s victory hailed by Putin


April 4, 2022

Viktor Orbán wins fourth consecutive term as Hungary’s prime minister


April 3, 2022

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s authoritarian leader and key Putin ally, calls Zelensky an ‘opponent’ after winning reelection


April 4, 2022

News Articles (Analyses):

Hungary election: Key takeaways as Viktor Orbán wins fourth consecutive term


April 4, 2022

Viktor Orban’s landslide re-election paves way for even closer Hungary-China ties


April 5, 2022

Hungarian election wasn’t a fair fight, observers say


April 4, 2022


Writing:? What is the significance of the recent Hungarian parliamentary election?

Debate: What is the best way to ensure free and fair elections in Hungary?

Poll: Should the international community impose sanctions on Hungary for its recent election?

Short Answer: What are the ramifications of Hungary establishing closer ties to other authoritarian regimes?


Victor Orban will continue to serve as Hungary’s Prime Minister. (T/F)

Voter turnout in Hungary’s recent parliamentary election was low. (T/F)

The Fidesz party controls a majority of the seats in the Hungarian parliament. (T/F)

Which two countries is Hungary expected to forge deeper relations in the years ahead?

  1. China and Ukraine.
  2. U.S. and Great Britain.
  3. Russia and China.
  4. India and Pakistan.

Which of the following countries does Hungary view as a declining superpower?

a. China.

b. U.S.

c. Russia

d. Great Britain.

All the following were cited as unfair advantages enjoyed by the Fidesz party EXCEPT.

a. The electoral system.

b. The media.

c. Incumbency.

d. Advertising.

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