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Florida Concludes Combative Legislative Session

The Florida legislature capped a combative regular session with the traditional handkerchief drop in the capital rotunda. The Republican legislature used the 60-day annual session to approve a $112 billion budget as well as increased funding for education, environmental protection, and pay raises for teachers and law enforcement.

Governor DeSantis praised the efforts of the legislature as most of what he proposed was approved. The governor is likely to sign most of the bills arriving on his desk as he begins his reelection campaign in earnest.

What is the likely outcome of the redistricting maps approved by the legislature?

INSTRUCTORS: click the link below to download this week’s lecture for use in your classroom. The deck contains a writing prompt and a debate question as well as other assessment questions.


News Articles:

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New York Times


Biden administration meets with Florida LGBTQ students over ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill

NBC News


Florida ends legislative session marked by culture wars

SF Gate


Florida Legislature leaves without addressing property insurance crisis

Tampa Bay Times


News Articles (Analyses):

Florida Legislature wraps up combative culture-war session

South Florida Sun Sentinel


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DeSantis interrupted by protesters as he ends legislative session




Writing: Explain why some believe that the Parental Rights in Education bill will have a chilling effect on discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity beyond primary school. How have many students in Florida responded to the proposed legislation?

Debate: Should corporations like Disney be expected to make public statements of controversial political issues?

Poll: Did the Florida legislature adequately address the state’s most pressing problems?

Short Answer: Describe how Governor DeSantis’s potential presidential run in 2024 affected the direction of the Florida legislature?


New legislation in Florida will prohibit abortion after how many weeks?

  1. six
  2. fifteen
  3. twenty
  4. twenty-four

How did the latest apportionment impact the number of seats Florida has in the U.S. House of Representatives?

  1. Florida lost one seat
  2. Florida lost two seats
  3. Florida gained one seat
  4. Florida gained two seats

The new police force established in Florida will investigate which type of crime?

  1. cybercrime
  2. counterfeiting
  3. drug trafficking
  4. voter fraud

Governor DeSantis is rumored to be interested in a run for the U.S. Senate. (T/F)

President Biden referred to the Parental Rights in Education bill as “hateful.” (T/F)

Governor DeSantis has been accused of overstepping his authority by pushing redistricting maps that would eliminate two congressional seats held by African Americans. (T/F)


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