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The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Humanitarian Concerns and International Community Reactions

After weeks of denying a possible invasion of Ukraine, on Thursday, February 24th 2022, Russia invaded. The Russian incursion remains fluid with the civilian death toll already in the hundreds and projected to rise.

Russia has targeted civilian sites within Ukraine which included a strike on a nuclear power plant. Even though the reactors weren’t damaged, and radiation at the plant is at normal levels it nonetheless underscored how volatile the situation remains in Ukraine. While the Ukrainian military has fought valiantly, they are no match for the much stronger and larger Russian forces.

What did Russia do?

INSTRUCTORS: click the link below to download this week’s lecture for use in your classroom. The deck contains a writing prompt and a debate question as well as other assessment questions.


News Articles:

Russia beefs up assaults in key cities, raising fears of more civilian deaths


March 1, 2022

Russia steps up onslaught after Ukraine ‘narrowly’ escapes nuclear disaster


March 4, 2022

Russian rockets pound Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city


March 1, 2022

The ICC says it will open an investigation into alleged war crimes in Ukraine


February 28, 2022

News Articles (Analyses):

Ukraine conflict: Could the fighting spread across Europe? And other questions


February 28, 2022

Locals in Ukraine breakaway regions recount short-lived joy, hope


March 1, 2022

U.S. officials: Russian escalation in Ukraine could lead to humanitarian crisis


February 28, 2022

‘Yes, He Would’: Fiona Hill on Putin and Nukes

February 28, 2022


 Writing: What humanitarian concerns have arisen in Ukraine?

 Debate: What is best way to deter Russia from doing something similar in the future?

 Poll: Should the international community be doing more to help Ukraine?

 Short Answer: What are the ramifications of Russia invading Ukraine?


Ukraine’s military is equal to that of Russia’s. (T/F)

Hundreds of civilians have died in Ukraine. (T/F)

Western nations have sent Ukraine weapons. (T/F)

What has been the international community’s reaction to Russia for their invasion of Ukraine?

  1. Support.
  2. Outrage.
  3. Apathy.
  4. Sympathy.

How have European countries and the U.S. responded to Russia for their invasion of Ukraine?

a. Imposed sanctions.

b. Declared War.

c. Cut off diplomatic ties.

d. Threatened nuclear war.

All the following Ukrainian targets have been bombed by the Russians EXCEPT.

a. Hospitals.

b. Schools.

c. Nuclear power plants.

d. Residential areas.

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