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Portuguese Election Brings Stability

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Voters in Portugal recently went to the polls and participated in a snap general election. The election was called by Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa after the ruling coalition failed to pass a budget. Prior to the election, the Socialist Party held 108 seats in the 230-seat parliament, and while not an outright majority they had the greatest representation within the lawmaking body.

Most polls suggested leading up to the election that the Socialist Party would lose seats at the expense of the center right Social Democrats.

What happened in Portugal?

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News Articles:

Portugal election: Socialists win unexpected majority


January 30, 2022


Portugal’s ruling Socialist party on course to win snap general election


January 30, 2022


Portugal: Socialists ready for major tasks after landslide


January 31, 2022


News Articles (Analyses):

Portugal’s ruling Socialists win surprise victory in snap poll


January 31, 2022


Portugal PM to implement budget plans after resounding election win


January 31, 2022


Portugal’s PM Costa stuns with majority win in snap election


January 30, 2022



 Writing: What were the results of the Portuguese snap election ?

 Debate: How should Portugal reduce its public debt?

 Poll: Is a multi-party system preferable to a two-party system?

Short Answer: What is the significance of the Portuguese snap election?


The Socialist Party lost seats in parliament. (T/F)

Voter turnout surpassed pre pandemic participation. (T/F)

The Socialist Party received a 52 percent of the vote in the recent election. (T/F)

Which political party holds a majority of seats in Portugal’s parliament?

  1. The Socialists
  2. The Communists
  3. The Democrats
  4. The Left Bloc

What served as the catalyst for the snap election?

a. The inability to pass a budget.

b. A scandal involving corruption.

c. The ongoing pandemic.

d. The fear of war with Spain.

All the following are true concerning Portugal EXCEPT.

a. It is the poorest country in Western Europe.

b. It has the highest public debt of any country in the European Union.

c. It is estimated that the economy will shrink this year.

d. It has a population of 10 million people.



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