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New Leaders Take the Helm in VA and NYC

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Glenn Youngkin was inaugurated the 74th governor of Virginia on January 15. Youngkin became the first Republican to assume that office in nearly a decade in the increasingly Democratic-leaning commonwealth.

Governor Youngkin wasted little time after he was sworn in and signed eleven executive orders on his first day. Among the more controversial actions were the governor’s move to ban the teaching of ‘divisive concepts’ and another prohibiting school districts from mandating face coverings.

How did activists respond to the tip line launched by the Virginia Department of Education?

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News Articles:

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New York Times



Virginia parents file lawsuit against Gov. Youngkin over executive order ending mask mandates in public schools




More than half of Virginia school districts are defying Youngkin’s mask-optional order

Washington Post



‘It’s scaring people to death’: Youngkin’s tip line fuels anger from the left at agenda to reframe race education

Richmond Times-Dispatch



News Articles (Analyses):

Virginia’s Youngkin and New York’s Adams are winning blueprints for their parties

Fox News



Eric Adams’ war against crime sparks Democratic unrest




Mourners Remember N.Y.P.D. Officer Killed in Shooting: ‘He Was Joy’

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Mayor Adams Gets Waiver to Hire His Brother – But Without the Lucrative Salary

NBC New York




 Writing: Explain how Eric Adams and Glenn Youngkin were both able to emerge as winning candidates. Will they be able to govern effectively if they regularly alienate their political party?

 Debate: Will Virginia’s tip line for reporting divisive practices stifle learning in public schools?

 Poll: Should New York City reactivate its plain clothes crime unit to combat gun violence?

 Short Answer: Describe how Eric Adams unique background might help New York City achieve meaningful police reform?


Why have so many school districts defied Governor Youngkin’s executive order repealing mask mandates?

  1. state law requires schools to follow CDC guidance
  2. the omega variant has caused an increase in cases
  3. the U.S. Supreme Court already upheld mask mandates in schools
  4. Virginia schools have all transitioned to virtual instruction

Critics of Governor Youngkin’s desire to ban critical race theory in public schools argue that

  1. CRT is an essential part of curriculum.
  2. CRT has not been previously been taught in Virginia schools.
  3. CRT addresses a problem that no longer exists.
  4. CRT makes people more racist.

Mayor Adams created controversy when he tried to hire his brother for what official position?

  1. mayor pro tempore
  2. fire chief
  3. security detail manager
  4. sanitation department manager

Virginia was the last state to require face coverings in public schools. (T/F)

TikTok users banded together to spam Virginia’s tip line. (T/F)

Eric Adams’ brother Bernard was allowed to join the mayor’s administration for the salary of $1. (T/F)

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