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Biden Seeks Reset as Second Year Begins

President Biden sought to reset the trajectory of his presidency as he officially started the second year of his term. This comes as the president suffered another setback when senate Democrats were unable to overcome a Republican filibuster and pass voting rights legislation.

Biden’s signature proposed legislation, called Build Back Better, is also in jeopardy and the president signaled it would be reintroduced as a series of smaller bills. The president still faces the imminent crises of inflation and Russian aggression toward Ukraine.

How does the president intend to reverse his declining approval rating?

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 Writing: Explain why analysts pay such close attention to approval rating. Why is it incumbent for the Democratic Party that this president improve his approval rating well in advance of his reelection campaign?

 Debate: Do presidents deserve as much credit or blame as they get for events that are often out of their control?

 Poll: Do you approve of the job President Biden has done in his first year?

 Short Answer: Describe how the current state of politics makes it difficult for presidents to have high approval ratings for long duration?


How many senate votes are needed to overcome a filibuster?

  1. 23
  2. 56
  3. 60
  4. 75

The Biden administration’s response to the rising omicron cases did not include

  1. encouraging Americans to get booster shots.
  2. sending home COVID tests to American households.
  3. sending additional stimulus checks to American households.
  4. making N-95 masks available to American households.

What is the president’s ‘honeymoon period’?

  1. the period after inauguration in which the president’s popularity is at its highest
  2. the period following passage of major legislation
  3. the name for the praise presidents get for an effective state of the union speech
  4. the name given when presidents work with congressional leadership of the other party

President Biden has recorded the lowest recorded approval rating of any president since the beginning of the survey. (T/F)

The Biden administration unilaterally negotiated the Afghanistan withdrawal. (T/F)

Presidents with low approval rating never get reelected. (T/F)


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