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Putin Visits India

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently visited India. In only his second trip abroad since the pandemic began, the Russian leader is attempting to shore up ties with a traditional ally. Russia and India historically have had a close relationship that spans decades and goes back to the Cold War era.

Trade and defense deals remain at the heart of the bilateral talks between Mr. Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Beyond commerce there remain several important topics for the two leaders to discuss. One of those subjects include continued cooperation in the fight against terrorism with a special focus on Afghanistan.

Who met and what was discussed?

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News Articles:

Vladimir Putin: What Russian president’s India visit means for world politics


December 5, 2021

Russia’s Putin to land in India to boost military, energy ties


December 6, 2021

India-Russia: Putin visits Modi eyeing defense deals

Deutsche Welle

December 6, 2021

News Articles (Analyses):

Russia and India Sign Military Agreement Despite U.S. Threat of Sanctions


December 6, 2021

Explained: Why Vladimir Putin’s India visit is significant


December 6, 2021

Centre clears plan to make AK-203 assault rifles with Russia

Hindustan Times

December 5, 2021


Writing: What are the goals of Russian and Indian officials at the bilateral meetings?  

Debate: Should the U.S. establish more alliances in Asia to combat China?  

Poll: Should the U.S. impose sanctions on India for its arm’s deal with Russia?

Short Answer: What is the significance of enhanced ties between Russia and India?


South Korea is one of the four members of the Quad. (T/F)

India and Russia cooperate with each other on the issue of fighting terrorism. (T/F)

The U.S. has threatened sanctions against India for an arm’s deal with Russia. (T/F)

What is the fear Russia has of escalating tensions between India and China?

a. India will form stronger ties to the U.S.

B China will force Russia to pick a side.

c. India will increase its demand for military equipment.

d. China will no longer be able to export goods.

Which of the following countries is India’s largest arm’s supplier?

a. United States.

b. Russia.

c. China.

d. Japan.

All the following are true concerning Russia and India EXCEPT.

a. President Putin recently traveled to India.

b. The two countries were bitter enemies during the Cold War.

c. The two countries hope to increase trade throughout the decade.

d. India purchased a missile defense system from Russia.

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