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Unrest in the Solomon Islands

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The Solomon Islands has recently been besieged by protesters hoping to topple the government and force Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare to resign. Rioters have caused destruction by setting fires to buildings and looting stores in the Pacific Island nation.

With the capital city of Honiara in ruins and mirroring a war zone, countries in the region such as Australia and Fiji have sent personnel to help quell the unrest and provide stability for the archipelago nation of 800,000. Prime Minister Sogavare has vowed that he will not step down and has claimed that the turmoil is being perpetrated by foreign actors.

What is happening in the Solomon Islands?

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News Articles:

Solomon Islands: Australia sends peacekeeping troops amid riots


November 25, 2021

Fiji sends 50 peacekeepers to Solomon Islands

The Guardian

November 29, 2021

Riots rock Solomon Islands capital for third day despite peacekeepers


November 26, 2021

Solomon Islands tells public workers to stay home as violent protests continue for third day


November 26, 2021

News Articles (Analyses):

Solomon Islands: Malaita province unhappy over presence of Australian troops, as Fiji joins peacekeeping efforts

South China Morning Post

November 29, 2021

Unrest continues in Solomons with PM blaming foreign powers


November 26, 2021

EXPLAINER-What is behind unrest in the Solomon Islands?


November 29, 2021


Writing: What are some of the reasons why people are rioting in the Solomon Islands?  

Debate: Is it preferable to support a democratically elected government that is pro-Chinese or support rioters who are pro-Western?  

Poll: Should the U.S. do more to combat Chinese influence in the Pacific?  

Short Answer: What is the impact of the Solomon Islands strengthening its relationship with China?


The Solomon Islands gained their independence from Australia in 1978. (T/F)

Prior to 2019 the Solomon Islands recognized Taiwan as an independent sovereign country. (T/F)

The Solomon Islands is a prosperous nation with tens of millions of people. (T/F)

What is the fear of the Solomon Islands strengthening its relationship with China?

a. China will gain access to the rich natural resources of the Solomon Islands.

B China will use the Solomon Islands to stage attacks against Western targets.

c. China will continue to expand its power and influence in the Pacific

d. China will impose communism on the democratically elected government.

Which of the following is a reason why people are protesting in the Solomon Islands?

a. Environmental concerns caused by unsafe drinking water.

b. Lack of economic opportunities.

c. The assassination of an opposition leader.

d. The loss of a soccer match.

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