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High Level Talks Between U.S. & China Presidents

The leaders of China and the U.S. held a virtual meeting in hopes of reducing tensions amongst the two power countries. While Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden have spoken twice on the phone since Biden took office earlier this year, the high-level summit represents the first time the two heads of state will engage in such formal conversation. The meeting comes amidst a diplomatic breakthrough at the U.N. climate talks where the two countries agreed to increase cooperation with each other in order to reduce the impact of climate change.

Who will meet and why?

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News Articles:

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping: What they want from talks


November 14, 2021

Biden and Xi prepare for virtual summit amid rising tensions

The Guardian

November 14, 2021

Biden-Xi virtual summit set for Monday evening amid rising China tensions


November 12, 2021

A complicated relationship: Biden and Xi prepare for meeting


November 15, 2021

News Articles (Analyses):

What to Expect From the Biden-Xi Virtual Summit

Foreign Policy

November 14, 2021

Biden, Xi Support APEC Declaration Ahead of US-China Summit


November 12, 2021

Xi Jinping warns of ‘cold war’ divisions as US rebuilds alliances


November 11, 2021

Factbox: Top pain points between U.S. and China as Xi, Biden meet


November 14, 2021


Writing: What are some of the issues that will be discussed between China and the U.S.?  

Debate: What is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed at the upcoming bilateral talks?  

Poll: Should the U.S. come to the defense of Taiwan if it is invaded by China?  

Short Answer: Why is Taiwan such a sensitive topic for China?


China and Russia will hold high-level talks in hopes of averting a military confrontation. (T/F)

President Xi Jinping has recently consolidated power in China. (T/F)

The summit between Biden and Xi is the first time the two leaders have ever spoken. (T/F)

Political Analysists fear which of the following is emerging between China and the U.S.?

a. Detente.

B A Cold War.

c. A Hot War.

d. Armistice.

What is the official U.S. policy regarding Taiwan?

a. Containment.

b. Strategic ambiguity.

c. Domino theory.

d. One China.

All the following are topics to be discussed at the bilateral meeting between Xi and Biden EXCEPT.

a. Trade and technology.

b. Human rights.

c. Climate change.

d. Upcoming Winter Olympics.

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