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Nicaraguan President Wins Re-election

The Central American country of Nicaragua recently held a presidential election in which the president and vice president were re-elected.

International observers have questioned the legitimacy of the results considering the president Daniel Ortega and vice-president Rosario Murillo, have used heavy handed tactics to silence the opposition. President Ortega is the longest serving head of state in the America’s and has ruled the country since 2007. The 75-year-old Nicaraguan leader is seeking a fourth term that would allow him to remain in power for another five years.

Who recently won the Nicaraguan election?

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News Articles:

Nicaragua’s Ortega courts isolation with one-sided vote


November 7, 2021

Ortega poised to retain Nicaraguan presidency after crackdown on rivals

The Guardian

November 7, 2021

Nicaragua’s Ortega seeks reelection in questioned vote


November 7, 2021

Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega on course for controversial fourth term


November 7, 2021

News Articles (Analyses):

After jailing rivals, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega set to win re-election


November 8, 2021

Nicaragua may be holding presidential elections, but it is edging toward dictatorship


November 7, 2021

Ortega expected to claim victory in tainted Nicaragua election


November 7, 2021

Nicaragua’s looming election poses two challenges to the rest of the region


November 5, 2021


Writing: Describe the ways in which the current regime continues to hold power in Nicaragua?  

Debate: What is the long-term impact of the erosion of democracy in Nicaragua?  

Poll: Should the U.S. and international community do more to promote democracy in Nicaragua?  

Short Answer: What are the ramifications if the U.S. and other counties impose additional sanctions on Nicaragua?


Rosario Murillo was recently elected President of Nicaragua. (T/F)

The current president of Nicaragua is the longest serving head of state in the America’s. (T/F)

Nicaragua recently held free and fair elections for the first time in a decade. (T/F)

Analysts believe which of the following runs the day-to-day operations in Nicaragua?

a. President.

B Vice-President.

c. Prime Minister.

d. The military.

A recent poll indicated what percentage of Nicaraguan’s planned on voting for the current president and vice-president?





All the following are ways the government in Nicaragua has recently attempted to consolidate power EXCEPT.

a. Jailed critics and opposition candidates.

b. Disrupted demonstrations.

c. Elimination of the legislative branch.

d. Suppressed independent media.

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