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Major Issues Confront Leaders at G20

World leaders of the largest economies recently met at the G20 summit in Rome. There were several issues that confronted the 19 nations along with the European Union present at the two-day meeting. Some of the items that were discussed at the G20 dealt with climate change, COVID, Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and supply chain problems that have been exacerbated as a result of the pandemic.

There was tremendous pressure on participants of the G20 to come to some type of consensus regarding meaningful ways to alleviate the impact of climate change.

What issues were discussed at the G2o summit?

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News Articles:

G20 pledge climate action but make few commitments


October 31, 2021

The absence of key world leaders hangs over Biden’s first G-20


October 31, 2021

G20 offers little new on climate, leaving uphill task for COP26


October 31, 2021

Biden reflects on American leadership, progress made at G-20 summit


October 31, 2021

News Articles (Analyses):

With economic stability and reducing fossil fuel consumption in a tug of war, G20 talks fall short of climate change ambitions


October 31, 2021

Amid rising US-China tensions and a slowing recovery, the G20 must live up to its crisis-solving legacy

South China Morning Post

October 29, 2021

Boris Johnson warns G20 deal leaves ‘huge way to go’ at climate summit


October 31, 2021

G20 youth demand swift climate action in UN poll powered by video games


October 25, 2021


Writing: What are the biggest issues confronting the international community?  

Debate: What are some ways to reduce climate change?  

Poll: Should the U.S. and international community provide more assistance to developing countries to reduce global warming?  

Short Answer: How do Russia and China complicate efforts to solve the worlds biggest problems?


World leaders of developing economies recently met at the G20 summit . (T/F)

The G20 meeting failed to provide a concrete commitment among members to move to net-zero emissions by 2050. (T/F)

Scientists are alarmed with an increase in the earth’s temperature and believe it contributes to climate change. (T/F)

Scientists believe that if global temperatures rise above 1.5 Celsius from their current number what will happen?

a. A increase in tourism.

B A increase in extreme weather events.

c. A increase in the amount of food grown.

d. A increase in life expectancy.

Why are Russia and China concerned about reducing emissions?

a. It will hurt economic growth.

b. It will create new green jobs.

c. It will increase health care costs.

d. It will create a cleaner environment.

The following issues were discussed at the G20 EXCEPT.

a. Climate change.

b. Iraq’s nuclear weapons program.


d. Supply chain problems.

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