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Biden Seeks to Ease Supply Chain Problems

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President Joe Biden announced measures to ease the glut at several of the nation’s ports creating delays with the supply chain. The president announced plans to keep the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach running seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Mr. Biden is also considering enlisting the National Guard to help unload shipments from cargo ships currently anchored off the Pacific coast. The supply chain in the U.S. has been slowed because of a variety of factors including the shortage of dock workers and truck drivers.

What global event has most contributed to the supply chain problems?

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News Articles:

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News Articles (Analysis):

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Writing: Explain why some of President Biden’s staunchest allies are concerned about the political fallout from an extended supply chain crisis. Will President Biden deserve blame if the supply chain crisis is not resolved expeditiously?  

Debate: Do you think that the current supply chain crisis will lead to a manufacturing boom in the United States?  

Poll: Have you been personally affected by the supply chain crisis?  

Short Answer: Why do some economists believe that the supply chain crisis will last well into 2022?


How much was a container shipping goods from Shanghai to Los Angeles costing in early 2021?

a. $2,536

b. $10,070

c. $25,000

d. $54,030

Scarcity of which product has led to shortages of new automobiles?

a. steel

c. rubber

c. glass

d. semiconductors 

Who did President Biden suggest might be brought in as reinforcement to help unload product from container ships?

a. college students

b. Guantanamo Bay detainees

c. federal prisoners

d. the National Guard

September saw the highest increase in the consumer-price index recorded in ten years. (T/F)

President Biden assigned Vice President Harris the task of solving the supply chain crisis. (T/F)

All the supply chain problems can be traced back to pandemic lockdown policies in India. (T/F)

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