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Protests in Sudan

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Thousands of Sudanese protesters took to the streets to voice their discontent with the government amid worsening economic conditions. Demonstrators are calling for a military coup and insisting the head of the armed forces take control.

Activists were able to operate with impunity as they congregated around the presidential palace with little to no security present. The tension in Sudan remains high as protesters claim they will not leave the capitol, until the government is dissolved.

What do Sudanese protesters want?

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News Articles:

Sudan: Protesters demand military coup as crisis deepens

BBC News

October 17, 2021 

Sudan protesters call for military coup as political crisis deepens


October 17, 2021

Thousands rally in Sudan’s capital to demand military rule

The Guardian

October 17, 2021

Sudan’s transitional government facing its ‘worst crisis,’ PM says

The Times of Israel

October 16, 2021

News Articles (Analysis):

Sudan PM says ‘serious crisis’ a threat to transition and country


October 16, 2021

Sudan coup drama lays bare distrust between civilian, military leaders


October 8, 2021

Is Sudan now coup-proof?

The National

September 27, 2021

Thwarted Coup Signals Dangerous Times for Sudan’s Transition

Council on Foreign Relations

September 27, 2021


Writing: Why are Sudanese protesters advocating for a military coup ?  

Debate: What is preferable a country that is stable and undemocratic or a country that is unstable and democratic?  

Poll: Should the U.S. and international community provide more assistance to Sudan?

Short Answer: What are the implications if a military coup occurs in Sudan?


Sudan has historically had civilian control of the government. (T/F)

In 2019 Sudanese dictator Omar al-Bashir was removed from power.  (T/F)

Protesters have been limited in where they can congregate. (T/F)

What are protesters demanding in Sudan?

a. The former dictator be tried for war crimes.

b. The military seize power.

c. The country declare war against South Sudan.

d. That free and fair elections be held.

Support for the Sudanese transitional government is?

a. Declining.

b. Hasn’t changed.

c. Increasing slightly.

d. Increasing dramatically.

Protesters in Sudan are upset with all the following EXCEPT.

a. Restructuring of the military.

b. The spread of fake news.

c. Rooting out corruption.

d. The state of the economy.

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