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Democrats Seek Intraparty Deal

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President Biden travelled to Capitol Hill in hopes of brokering a deal between his party’s moderate and progressive wings. At stake was the president’s Build Back Better plan, but intraparty disagreement in Congress threatened his broader agenda.

House Democrats are divided along ideological lines. Progressives want a robust social policy bill and have threatened to oppose the infrastructure bill that already passed the Senate. Moderates support a scaled back social policy bill and want infrastructure to be the priority.

Why do progressive Democrats want to vote on social policy before infrastructure?

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News Articles:

Biden Pulls Back on Infrastructure Bill, Tying It to Social Policy Measure

New York Times


Biden vows to ‘get it done,’ but talks drag on $3.5T plan

Associated Press


Biden goes on offense as economic agenda teeters

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The latest on what’s happening with the bipartisan infrastructure bill

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News Articles (Analysis):

Pelosi and Manchin may be closing in on a deal. Sinema says Democratic leaders are ‘fully aware’ of her priorities.

This Week


‘It’s not a success’: Dems head home after infrastructure stalemate



In Capitol visit, Biden tries to make peace with feuding Democrats



Progressives rallied behind Biden’s agenda. Now he’s gotta sell them on a compromise.




Writing: Explain why congressional Democrats are not seeking to pass Build Back Better though regular order. Why does reconciliation put so much power in the hands of moderate senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema?

Debate: Should the statute requiring Congress to raise the debt limit be eliminated?  

Poll: Will this be the best opportunity Democrats have to pass significant legislation?  

Short Answer: Would eliminating the filibuster lead to more bipartisan cooperation on major bills like Build Back Better?


The initial estimated cost of President Biden’s Build Back Better plan was _________ dollars.

a. 1.8 trillion

b. 2.1 trillion

c. 3.5 trillion

d. 5 trillion

On what day did Treasury Secretary Yellin say that the government would default if the debt ceiling is not increased?

a. October 18

b. July 31

c. November 27

d. December 18

How many votes are required in the U.S. Senate for a bill to be approved under budget reconciliation?

a. 51

b. 60

c. 67

d. 75

The government has never shutdown. (T/F)

Alternative methods of increasing the debt limit include minting a trillion-dollar coin or the president invoking the 14th Amendment. (T/F)

Budget reconciliation allows Congress to legislate on any matter and it sidesteps the filibuster. (T/F)

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