Third Special Session Begins in Texas

Lawmakers convened in the Texas capital for what is certain to be another contentious special session. This will be the third special session called by Governor Greg Abbott in 2021 after an intensely partisan regular legislative session.

Republicans were able to successfully shepherd through one of the most conservative agendas in state history only two years after taking a more conciliatory approach in 2019. Most notably, Republicans passed legislation restricting abortion, tightened election laws, and loosened rules on open carry of firearms.

Why has Governor Abbott called so many special sessions in 2021?

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News Articles:

Redistricting tops agenda of third Texas Legislative special session

Fox 7 Austin


Redistricting, Transgender Athletes & COVID Mandates On Agenda Of Texas’ 3rd Special Session



Gov. Greg Abbott adds additional items to third special session agenda



Texas Property Tax Relief Bill Passes State Senate Hours After Being Added To The Special Session Agenda

Houston Public Media


News Articles (Analysis):

Non-redistricting special session priorities may deepen partisan divide

CBS Austin


With Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s blessing, lawmakers fast-track property tax cut proposal

Texas Tribune


Focus shifts to redistricting as Senate passes most of Governor’s agenda

Corsicana Daily Sun


What’s Next For The Transgender Student Athlete Bill That’s Causing Heat In The Texas Legislature

Texas Public Radio



Writing: Explain why Governor Abbott has endorsed such a conservative agenda during the regular legislative session and the subsequent special sessions. Why are some interpreting Governor Abbott’s actions as preliminary for a presidential run?  

Debate: Should the governor of Texas have sole power to call special sessions?  

Poll: Should the state legislature or an independent commission be responsible for redrawing district lines in Texas?

Short Answer: Does the controversial legislation recently passed by the Texas legislature potentially impact the state’s ability to attract people from other states?


A special session lasts for

a. 14 days.

b. 140 days.

c. 3 days.

d. 30 days.

Redistricting is traditionally done every _____ years.

a. 2 years

b. 4 years

c. 10 years

d. 20 years

How much would the average Texan receive in property tax relief if proposed legislation were to pass?

a. $200

b. $2,838

c. $5,061

d. $7,590

The agenda of the third special session included a ban on abortions after six weeks. (T/F)

The legislature redraws district maps for Texas members of the U.S. House, state house, state senate, and state board of education. (T/F)

Governor Greg Abbott is running unopposed in the Republican primary for governor. (T/F)

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