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Jordan Foils Potential Coup

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On April 3, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein of Jordan claimed that he was being placed on house arrest. The prince is alleging that his movements and communication are being restricted and that he is only allowed to see his family. Prince Hamzah is accused of working with foreign entities to destabilize the kingdom of Jordan. Even though Jordan is a constitutional monarchy, King Abdullah wields a considerable amount of influence on the government, which includes both executive and legislative powers.

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“Jordan’s Prince Hamzah vows to defy ‘house arrest’ orders”

“Jordan says it foiled ‘malicious plot’ by former crown prince”

“Jordan says prince liaised with ‘foreign parties’ over plot to destabilise country”

“Jordan Says Plot Involving High-Profile Figures Is ‘Totally Contained’”
“Were reports of a Jordanian coup a wake-up call for Israel?”

“Analysis: Palace Intrigue Harms Jordan’s Stable Image”

“Jordan says Prince Hamzah’s circle aimed to destabilize security”


  • Writing: Why is it significant that Jordan is experiencing turmoil?
  • Debate: Should the U.S. and international community support King Abdullah even if he and his government abuse their powers?
  • Poll: The best form of government is a democratic republic.
  • Short Answer: What are the consequences if Jordan experiences a civil war?

Current events quiz:

1) What type of government does Jordan have?

a. Democratic republic
b. Absolute monarchy
c. Constitutional monarchy
d. Direct democracy

2) What is the fear concerning the plot to undermine the security of the government in Jordan?

a. This will lead to the creation of an Arab Union.
b. This will lead to instability within the region.
c. This will lead to U.S. invasion of the region.
d. This will lead to an increase in oil prices.

3) Which of the following reasons explain why some Jordanians have been critical of the government and its leaders?

a. An environmental disaster
b. The inability to practice one’s religious beliefs
c. A worsening economy
d. The increasing censorship of Western art

4) King Abdullah of Jordan was recently placed on house arrest. (T/F)

5) Jordan has been considered a model of stability before these most recent events. (T/F)

6) Prince Hamzah is the Crown Prince and will succeed King Abdullah someday as King of Jordan. (T/F)


1) C

2) B

3) C

4) False

5) True

6) False

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