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U.S. Faces Humanitarian Crisis on the Border

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The Biden administration confronted its first major humanitarian emergency, as border apprehensions on the Mexico border reached near record levels. Scores of  unaccompanied minors have been detained. Over 15,000 remain in U.S. custody.

Government agencies have been under pressure to stem the flow of border crossings and to care for the children humanely while observing pandemic protocols. Media reports suggested that conditions were overcrowded as administrators sought additional housing locations.      

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“‘No end in sight’: Inside the Biden administration’s failure to contain the border surge”
“Biden is on his heels amid a migrant surge at Mexico border”
“Biden tells migrants not to come to US: ‘Don’t leave your town'”
“Biden steps up family expulsions as U.S.-Mexico border arrivals keep climbing”

“Migrant apprehensions at U.S.-Mexico border are surging again”

“DHS secretary and lawmakers visit U.S.-Mexico border amid influx of asylum seekers”
“What is happening with migrant children at the southern US border?”
“‘The border is closed’: DHS Secretary Mayorkas defends Biden administration’s handling of unaccompanied minors at border”


  • Writing: Describe the differences between seeking asylum and migration. Why have so many criticized the Biden administration’s handling of the current situation?
  • Debate: Should Central American countries and Mexico do more to stop the flow of migrants to the United States?
  • Poll: Should immigration policies be reformed in the United States?
  • Short Answer: How might the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis affect the possibility of passing comprehensive immigration reform?

Current events quiz:

1) Which government agency was recently tasked with helping care for migrant children?

a. the U.S. Army
b. the Department of Health and Human Services
c. the Federal Emergency Management Agency
d. the Department of Agriculture

2) Approximately how many unaccompanied minors are currently in U.S. custody?

a. 78,000
b. 100,000
c. 132,000
d. 150,000

3) How long can unaccompanied minors be held in U.S. custody?

a. 24 hours
b. 48 hours
c. 66 hours
d. 72 hours

4) President Biden is the first president to confront a crisis involving unaccompanied minors at the border. (T/F)

5) The Biden administration has continued to enforce Title 42, first started by the Trump Administration, which allows for swift deportation before the asylum process begins. (T/F)

6) Republicans have criticized the Biden administration for overcrowded conditions at detention facilities and keeping minors beyond the allowable legal time. (T/F)


1) C

2) C

3) D

4) False

5) True

6) False

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